Dornenreich ‎– Du wilde Liebe sei, CD

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Digipak CD。DORNENREICH 2021年新专辑。 DORNENREICH offer a veritable cornucopia of wonderful...更多
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Digipak CD。DORNENREICH 2021年新专辑。

DORNENREICH offer a veritable cornucopia of wonderful surprises on their ninth full-length "Du wilde Liebe sei". The Tyrolean trio has used the more than seven years that have passed since the release of their latest masterpiece "Freiheit" (2014) well to create a new dimension of sound. Although "Du wilde Liebe sei" remains faithful within the Austrians' musical canon of combining heightened emotional dynamics with expressive momentum, DORNENREICH evolved their trademark sound further into a new dimension: a pulsating earth-rooted web build from percussion, bass, and electric guitars enables their unique vocals, acoustic guitars, and violins to grow wings and freely soar skywards. As the translation of the album title "You Wild Love Be" implies, this record revolves around the mystery of "love" and many of the powerful effects, painful misunderstandings, and complex entanglements that are forever associated with this human idea. Originally audibly inspired by melodic black metal (on their debut album “Nicht um zu sterben”, 1997), DORNENREICH developed a far wider musical horizon on the following seven albums with the progressing inclusion of acoustic instruments and elements derived from folklore and classical music as major contributing factors. Now, "Du wilde Liebe sei" marks the next major step in the band's never predictable evolution to a unique style, which they have dubbed "black arcane rock". With "Du wilde Liebe sei", DORNENREICH enter a new sonic dimension that shines brighter than ever before and witnesses the Austrians climbing onto their highest artistic peak yet – time to get packed and to join their wondrous journey on the trail of love!

01.So ruf' sie wach das Sehnen
02. In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht
03. Dein knöchern' Kosen
04. Liebes dunkle Nacht
05. Der Freiheit Verlangen nach goldenen Ketten
06. Sie machen Mangel zum Geschenk
07. Das Geheimnis des Quellkosters
08. Das Sehnen von Mond und Sonne
09. Dem Kühnen in der Stille
10. Freiheit erlösen

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