Khemmis ‎– Deceiver, LP (灰黑喷溅)

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灰色黑色喷溅胶,限量400。厄运金属/重金属KHEMMIS,2021年最新专辑。   The new album by KHEMMIS "Deceiver"...更多
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The new album by KHEMMIS "Deceiver" will be released as a gray / black splatter LP in a sleeve. Limited to 400 copies!

Restlessly awakening from the depths of a feverish slumber, doomed heavy metal masters KHEMMIS return to reveal their fourth full length studio album, DECEIVER, arriving via Nuclear Blast Records in November 2021. Six tracks of desolate, soul-awakening heaviness encapsulate a project that has been nearly three years in the making. With a title that reflects the internal struggles that many of us battle in our daily lives, DECEIVER is a ferociously honest and appetizingly raw piece of musical artistry.

“Thematically, all of the songs are about the many ways that we are tricked into believing these stories about ourselves–that we are broken, that we are not good enough, thatour genetics determine our fate. This title is the label that we put on our minds as a force that tricks us into believing these stories,” describes vocalist and guitarist Phil Pendergast. “The record’s lyrical trajectory is similar to Dante’s descent into an Inferno of his own making. It is our darkest album to date.”

Track list
Side A
1. Avernal Gate
2. House Of Cadmus
3. Living Pyre
Side B
4. Shroud Of Lethe
5. Obsidian Crown
6. The Astral Road

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