Mayhem ‎– Live in Zeitz, LP (黑色)

Mayhem ‎– Live in Zeitz, LP (黑色)
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黑胶。 Live in Zeitz  features the classic line-up of  Euronymous ,  Dead...更多
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Live in Zeitz features the classic line-up of Euronymous, DeadNecrobutcher and Hellhammer performing iconic Mayhem tracks on the now-legendary 1990 tour.
Originally taken from a new and improved audio source compared to existing versions at the time, this definitive edition of presents the chaotic sound and dark atmosphere of the German show with a greater level of clarity while maintaining the rawness of Mayhem’s live attack.
Featuring ‘Deathcrush’, ‘Funeral Fog’, and the unmistakable ‘The Freezing Moon’. 
Black vinyl edition.
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