Mephistofeles ‎– The Live Anthology, 磁带套盒

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6磁带套盒,限量200。包括6张现场黑色磁带,一个挂旗(65x95cm),歌本(含解说,罕见照片)。磁带6为罕见+未发表demo。 Cassette boxset regular...更多
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Cassette boxset regular version limited to 200 copies comes with:
-6 black tapes
-black & white flag (65x95cm)
-extensive booklet including lots of rare photos and liner notes by Gabriel Ravera and Billy Goatie.

Tapes included in the boxset:
Tape 1: The Mayhem Sessions
Tape 2: Music is Poison
Tape 3: Hot Print
Tape 4: Live at Detroit Club
Tape 6: Barely Alive
Tape 6: Angels or demons... the sons of MARIJUANA


Music Cassette 1
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Mayhem Sessions
Specification: Recorded Live on tape at Mayhem Hotel by Diego Rey 22nd of April 2017
Side A (repeats both sides)
1.Mayhem Hotel
2.White Magick SS
3.Transylvanian Funeral
4.Black Forest People

Music Cassette 2
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Music is Poison
Specification: Full set recorded live at Santiago de Chile on Friday 6th, 2018.
Side A
1.Transylvanian Funeral
2.The Night Stalker
4.Curse Of The Knife
Side B
5.Chains Of Agony
6.Trash Lord
8.Evil Beauty
9.White Butterfly

Music Cassette 3
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Hot Print
Specification: Live set at Electric Funeral VII, 14th September 2018.
Side A (repeats side B)
1.Poison Eyes
2.Wizard of Meth
4.The Night Stalker
5.Curse of the Knife
6.Chains of Agony

Music Cassette 4
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Live at Detroit Club
Specification: Recorded live on 10/20/2018 at Detroit Club, Moron by Nicolas Lunzi. Mixed and produced by Diego Rey at Mayhem Hotel.
Side A
1.Transylvanian Funeral
2.Evil Beauty
3.Poison Eyes
Side B
4.The Nigth Stalker
6.Curse Of The Knife
7.Chains Of Agony

Music Cassette 5
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Barely Alive
Specification: Live at El Emergente, Club in Almagro, recorded October 16th 2021.
Side A
1.Buried in Worms
2.The Meaning of all Evil
4.Die in Vain
Side B
5.Last Will
6.Damnation or Salvation
7.Lucky Spin

Music Cassette 6 (CASSETTE ONLY, NO DIGITAL!!)
Band: Mephistofeles
Title: Angels or demons... the sons of MARIJUANA
Exclusive unreleased studio & demo recordings.
Track 1-6 (side A) & 1-3 (side B) are written, played and recorded by Mephistofeles.
Track 4-5 written, played and recorded by Gabriel Ravera.
Side A
1.Buried in Worms
2.The Meaning of All Evil (Take 1)
4.The Meaning of All Evil (Take 33)
5.Chapel´s Sins
6. Die in Vain (Take 2)
Side B
7.Communion of the Vile
8.Die in Vain (Take 1)
9.Lucky Spin
10.La Bimba di Satana
11.Tombstone Boogie

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